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tile floor with clean grout

Tips for keeping your tile and grout clean.

Cleaning your tile floors is simple, but so many people ignore it. They wait until the tile floor gets so dirty they can’t stand it any longer. The problem is that harsh chemicals are bad for almost every floor. You also have to work harder to get the floor clean. Maintenance cleaning will save you serious hands-and-knees scrubbing.

No matter what type of material makes up your tile flooring, maintenance cleaning is the same:

  • Dust, Sweep and/or Vacuum Often
  • Steam Mop Your Tile Floors Weekly

Pet accidents, dropped food, and other bacterial spills should be cleaned immediately with an cleanser and white vinegar solution when they happen. For weekly maintenance, however, you will be pleasantly surprised what a steam mop can do!

When a stronger cleaning is required, try these homemade formulas:

Ceramic Tile Floors

The tile part of your floor will almost always get clean with a steam mop. It’s the grout that’s usually the problem for people with ceramic tile floors. You can try a capful of rubbing alcohol in 1 gallon of water. This will usually work well to clean the grout and the tile.

Stone Flooring

Stone tiles can be fragile and will usually require a special cleaner. Acids like vinegar will destroy marble tiles! If you want a homemade alternative to a special stone flooring cleaner, try a mild solution of dish soap and water. You only have to go over it with plain water afterwards.

Professional Cleaning

Regular professional tile cleaning is important to the life and look of your tile or stone floor. Superior Carpet and Tile Care can make your old tile floor look great and give you that deep down clean feeling. We can apply a sealer in some cases that helps maintain that clean feeling, makes clean ups easier and protects the tile and grout between professional cleanings.

Contact Superior Carpet & Tile Care for more information and ask for a free proposal.