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3 Ways Pets Can Dirty Your Floors

For those of us who own a pet, we know they’re a valued member of the family. However, did you know they can be doing some serious damage to your carpets and floors? Read on to find out some of the ways pets can wreak havoc on your home.

1. Urine

It’s no secret that pets can have accidents. Whether you’re in the process of potty training a new addition to the family or just have a stubborn pet, most pet owners are well aware of the effects urine can have on your floors. Because urine contains ammonia, if it seeps into hardwood floors it can cause permanent damage. It’s important to wipe up accidents as soon as they occur on hardwood floors. Carpets aren’t much better at hiding stains – urine can also leave blotches on carpet if not cleaned up immediately, preferably with a spot treatment, like the one Superior Carpet and Tile Care makes.

2. Tracking in dirt and mud

Dog owners know better than anyone how common it is to find a trail of muddy paw prints across the carpet. Because pets tend to be in and out of the house more frequently during the summer months, mud and dirt stains are occurring more than ever. Mud stains can be made worse by trying to remove them yourself before the mud dries. Plus, dry dirt can sift deep into the crevices of carpet, making it hard to remove by simply vacuuming. Superior Carpet and Tile Care cleans your carpet completely, removing all the dirt and mud that you can’t remove yourself.

3. Pet hair and dander

Pet hair and dander are not nearly as bad for your carpet as they are for your health. These allergens can get trapped in carpet fibers and worsen allergies in people who are already susceptible. Vacuuming regularly is important; however, it doesn’t always get the hair and dander that’s deep in your carpet. Superior Carpet and Tile Care’s professional carpet cleaning gets below the surface or a thorough clean.

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